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Face Reality

To be effective, you must face reality.

Look and listen carefully.

Search for solutions and opportunities.

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Does He Order Your Steps?

Feeling a need to go a certain way is unwise unless that “feeling” came from His prompting as you studied His Word, Psa 119:133. 

Determining your own path will cause serious problems, Psa 37:23. 

The more time you spend reading and studying His Word, the more opportunities He has to order your steps.

  • Ask Him to show you in His Word what your next step should be. 
  • Listen to what He says. 
  • Do what He asks. 
  • Thank Him for His Word. 

Adjust Your Perspective

It’s easy to get consumed with our struggles and wonder why the wicked appear to have comfortable lives.

This happens when our focus is on what makes sense from our perspective.

Challenge yourself to look up and see things from the perspective of God’s plan, Psa 73. 

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