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Umbrella of Faith

One day a group of villagers decided to get together to pray for some much needed rain.

When they arrived at the designated location, only one person came with an umbrella.

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Do You Have a Firm Grasp?

The bended knee of a bird causes tendons in its legs to tightly grasp a branch.

Could the bended knee be a key to our holding fast to our Branch? (Zech 3:8). 

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A Leader by Any Other Name

Shakespeare said,

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

That’s a good point. The opposite is also true.

Just because you call something a rose doesn’t mean it will smell sweet.

This rose is made of Legos. No sweet smell there.

Just because you call someone a leader doesn’t mean they are one.

A real leader openly lives and behaves like a leader day and night.

Paul demonstrated this in Acts 20:18-20. 

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