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Lonely at the Top

Often, leaders experience a sense of loneliness when they recognize the ulterior motives in those around them.

Most leaders want people to appreciate them for who they are rather than what the leader can do for them. 


Where can you find a true friend?

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Mirror, Mirror

What is the purpose of a mirror?

With a mirror, you can see yourself and based on what you see, you can take actions to make yourself as clean and presentable as possible. 

Through the Holy Spirit, the Word of God is your spiritual mirror, Jas 1:23-25. Here are some tips for using your mirror most effectively.

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Do You Wait Patiently?

As a leader, you may want a quick resolution to a difficult situation.

Perhaps you’ve identified what you think would be the perfect solution.

Your solution may not be what God has in mind at this time.

When was the last time you waited patiently on the Lord? 

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