Leadership Books

This page includes links to leadership book summaries and study guides. Dates indicate date of last update to file.

  • Book summary = Key points from a book. These can help you decide if the book is likely to be helpful to you.
  • Study guide = Discussion questions to help you unpack the book. Each person in your group will need a copy of the book. The guide may also contain exercises and self-assessment tools.

Adversary-summary, Bubeck 2018-03-20

Boundaries-guide, Cloud, Townsend 2015-09-17

Building a Leadership Development Culture-summary, Lake 2015-09-17

Contagious Generosity-summary, Willard, Sheppard 2015-09-17

Courageous Leadership-guide, Hybels 2015-09-17

Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code-summary, Chand 2016-01-31

Crucial Conversations-study, Patterson, Grenny  2015-09-17

Culture Code-summary, Coyle  2019-06-07

Death by Meeting-summary, Lencioni 2016-05-02

Deep and Wide-summary, Stanley 2015-09-17

Developing the Leaders Around You-guide, Maxwell 2015-09-17

Emotional Intelligence 2.0-summary, Bradberry, Greaves  2016-09-13

Exponential-summary, Ferguson 2015-09-17

Expository Listening-summary, Ramey  2018-12-26

Five Dysfunctions of a Team-guide, Lencioni 2015-09-17

5 Levels of Leadership-summary, Maxwell 2017-07-04

Funded and Free-summary, Graham, Sangl 2015-09-17

Gaining by Losing-summary, Greear 2015-12-27

Good Book on Leadership-summary, Borek, Lovett, Towns  2020-01-02

Good to Great-guide, Collins 2015-09-17

Good to Great and the Social Sectors-summary, Collins 2016-04-24

Habitudes for Communicators-summary, Elmore 2015-09-17

Hope in the Dark-summary, Groeschel  2019-10-07

How Bible Stories Work-summary, Ryken  2019-04-29

How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge-guide, Scroggins  2021-05-31

I Saw What You Did-summary, Allen 2018-12-03

Influencer-guide, Grenny, Patterson 2015-09-17

Kingdom Come-summary, McNeal  2019-12-31

Laws of Leadership, 21 Irrefutable-guide, Maxwell 2015-09-17

Laws of Teamwork, 17 Indisputable-guide, Maxwell 2015-09-17

Lead Like Jesus-guide, Blanchard, Hodges 2015-09-17

Leadership Beyond Reason-guide, Townsend  2018-08-23

Leadership Ellipse-guide, Fryling 2015-09-17

Letters to the Church-summary, Francis Chan 2018-10-23

Love Your God with All Your Mind-summary, Moreland  2018-03-06

Never Split the Difference-summary, Voss  2019-09-07

Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership-summary, McIntosh, Rima 2015-09-30

Practice of the Presence of God-guide, Brother Lawrence 2015-09-17

Raving Fans-summary, Blanchard & Bowles  2019-06-10

Reconcile-summary, John Paul Lederach  2019-03-05

Sacred Pathways-summary, Thomas 2015-11-06

Speed of Trust-guide, Stephen M.R. Covey  2020-02-29

Spiritual Leadership-guide, Blackaby 2015-09-17

Spiritual Leadership-guide, Sanders 2015-09-17

Spiritual Warfare-summary, Payne  2018-04-02

StandOut 2.0-summary, Buckingham  2019-06-16

Steering Through Chaos-summary, Wilson  2018-05-21

Tactics-summary, Koukl 2015-09-18

Teams That Thrive-summary, Hartwig, Bird  2016-06-20

Thanks for the Feedback-guide, Stone, Heen 2015-09-18

The Servant-guide, Hunter 2015-09-17

Who Is This Man?-summary, Ortberg  2019-07-01

Words to Winners of Souls-guide, Bonar  2023-01-01

You’re in Charge:Now What?-guide, Neff, Citrin 2015-09-18