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Target on Your Back

It takes a lifetime to build your character and a second to destroy it. As a leader, it is vital that you keep yourself close to Jesus. Why? Because, if you are influencing others and making waves for the Kingdom, you have a giant target on your back.

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What is the Source of True Leadership?

Read Philemon 8-21. Notice the tone that Paul used to make his request.

  • What can we learn from this example as we interact with others?
  • Did Paul use his position to leverage influence or did he use his character?

What are true leadership qualities? True leadership comes from the character of the leader, not from position or title. As a leader, are people following you because they have to or do they follow willingly because of your character?

Writing on the Wall

There will come a time when God will weigh your character. Will He find you pleasing or deficient? Meditate on the meaning of the writing on the wall (Dan 5:25-28).  Continue reading

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