Lead Like Jesus Readiness Exam: part-4

Are you ready to lead like Jesus? If you answer “no” to Him on most of these questions, you have some work to do before you are ready to lead like Jesus. Pick one or two items for improvement. Make a plan and seek His help. (Based on Lead Like Jesus, Ken Blanchard & Phil Hodges.)

Part 4: Habits

  • Solitude: Are you ready to be with Me alone on a regular basis to keep things straight between us?
  • Prayer: Are you ready to change your prayer life so we can communicate on a regular basis?
  • Bible Study: Are you actively seeking My guidance through spending time in My Holy Word?
  • Experiencing God’s Unconditional Love: Do you sense God’s unconditional love for you today?
  • Supportive Relationships: Do you have a small group of like-minded friends with whom you can be open and vulnerable?

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