How to Get a Vision

Consider the vision process that Habakkuk demonstrates.


First, you must have a burden. Your vision must be bigger than you. It should come from God (Jer 23:16). 

To get the vision from God, you must first pour out your heart to God. Let Him know your frustrations and how you are questioning Him (Hab 1:1-2). Spend time alone with Him (Luke 6:12). What is your burden?

Understand that until you are broken and humble, you are not ready to receive God’s vision (Hab 2:1-3). You must be waiting on God for an answer (Psa 39:7).

When He speaks, document the plan He gives you. The act of putting it on paper (or e-file) forces you to face it and respond to it. Be ready and willing to make changes as God directs. Compared to God, you know nothing (1Cor 8:2). Keep believing, no matter what (Hab 2:4).

Finally, with humility and thankfulness, turn to God in prayer and praise (Hab 3, Php 4:6-7).

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