Time to Retreat

retreat-solitudeIn the account of the Transfiguration (Mat 17:1-13), Jesus selected a private place. This pictures our need to withdraw from our regular activities to experience a transforming fellowship with God.

When burdened with cares of the world, it is difficult to lift up our hearts and seek spiritual things. Leader, how often do you schedule times of retreat to be alone with God and His Word? Here are some reasons it is important to have regular times alone with God:

  • It lets God know how important He is to you (Mat 6:33).
  • Regular time alone with God nourishes and refreshes you spiritually which brings you inner peace (Php 4:6-9 and Isa 26:3).
  • It fills you so that you can pour yourself out for others (1Cor 10:23-24).

For further study and reflection on rest and refreshment in the Lord, try this study guide:

Refreshed Study Guide

2 responses to “Time to Retreat

  • AggieSoon

    Thank you for the helpful reminder. Quiet time is so important but it can be the last thing on my mind when life gets busy!

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  • frugaldod

    I loved reading this, in a time where it is super busy with 2 little ones I often forget to take some time to ‘Retreat’ to God and often let myself be driven by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I have found that the times that I am closest is in times of retreat whether it is talking to God during a hike in the woods or taking time to stop and read my Bible away from all the busyness including technology.

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