How to Be a Servant Leader

In a classic example of servant leadership, Jesus modeled for us what we are to do.

Jesus “…rose from supper and laid aside His garments, took a towel and girded Himself…poured water…and began to wash the disciples feet…” (John 13:4-5).

  • He rose: took initiative to be the servant leader. How often do you take initiative to be the servant leader?
  • Laid aside His garments: put away pride, no ego. How difficult is it for you to put away your pride?
  • Took a towel: was not ashamed to identify Himself as a servant. Do you ever have feelings of embarrassment when you are in a subservient role?
  • Girded Himself: was fully involved in the process. Are you tempted to delegate servant leadership tasks or do you fully engage yourself?
  • Poured: He was filled up (by the Holy Spirit) to be poured out. How often do you take quiet time to fill yourself spiritually so He can use you to pour out His love to others?
  • Washed: He got messy. Leadership is messy. Are you willing to get messy to be a servant leader?

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