Good Role Model

There will be times when you influence others (leadership).

Peter tells us to serve as good role models and not treat those in our care harshly (1Pet 5:2-3).

  • Have you ever had someone “in charge” treat you unfairly or harshly? What thoughts and feelings did you have in that circumstance?
  • Have you ever been “in charge” of a person or group? Did you enjoy the experience? Why/why not? Were you a good role model?
  • What is a reason you might want to be a leader?



3 responses to “Good Role Model

  • JanBeek

    Yes, I had someone “in charge” treat me with such cruelty that everytime she called or came by, I ended up in tears! Yes, I was “in charge” of a staff of 70 as the principal of an elementary school with 1000 children. Yes, I loved the experience, most days! I tried my best to be the best role model I could be. I wanted to be a leader because it is one of my spiritual gifts… and I love being able to uplift others and help them become the best they can be. Positivity, finding the good in others, and celebrating it, is sp powerful. I enjoy helping others! ❤

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    • gracelead

      I also find joy in helping others become the people God wants them to be. I’ve never had a field of 1,000 to influence. What an honor!

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      • JanBeek

        Yes, you’re right, it was an honor. And the greatest joy is that 20 years later, I still hear from many of those teachers and students in CA. Some of them are my FB friends. Some have come to visit me in my home here in MT. A blessing, indeed!


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