How to Lift Your Lids

To lift your lids, you must first identify them. Next, make a plan for lifting them.

  • Make a list of the external and internal factors that undermine your success.
  • Select two or three to address. 
  • Make a plan. 

Step 1: Include prayer as your first action item. Make this prayer:

  • based on a promise that God makes in His Word: Claim this promise for yourself. (Psa 119:103)
  • heartfelt: God wants to know you mean it. (Psa 63:1) 

Step 2: Take a step forward trusting God. He may wait to see how serious you are before He answers. Begin with one thing you could do today to move in the direction of lifting a lid (Php 3:14).

Step 3: Be alert to small changes in the right direction. Praise God for them and renew your determination (1The 5:18). 

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