How Do You Become a Mentor?

When Esther became queen, she was not overcome with her position.

She continued to seek advice and listen to her mentor, Mordecai. 

How do you become someone’s mentor?

Here are some tips:

  • Build a trusting relationship with the person. Mordecai had raised Esther after her parents died, Est 2:15.
  • Give wise advice. 
    • When Esther was navigating the process of becoming queen, Mordecai advised her not to reveal her identity as a Jew, Est 2:20.
    • When Mordecai overheard two palace doorkeepers plotting to harm the king, he told Esther who informed the king, Est 2:21-23. 
  • Show you have the person’s best interests at heart. Mordecai checked on Esther’s welfare every day, Est 2:11. 

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