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Characteristics of a Spiritual Leader

Reflect on the characteristics of a spiritual leader that Nehemiah demonstrated.

  • Faced Reality: Nehemiah didn’t ignore the problem (Neh 1:4).
  • Personally Cared: Nehemiah had a cushy circumstance, but he cared about his people. When he heard the bad news, he sat down and cried (Neh 1:4). He mourned for several days.

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Avoid Disqualification

Disqualify. It’s a disheartening word in athletics.

Imagine that you work toward a championship only to realize your efforts do not count because the referee disqualified you.

This is the illustration Paul gave in 1Corinthians 9:24-27.


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Lean on Him

Read 2Peter 1.

As a leader, how do you draw upon Christ’s glory when God calls you to lead but you don’t feel well?

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