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Pride = Downfall

The most dangerous time for a leader is when that leader becomes powerful.

Consider Uzziah. 

As long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper, 2Chr 26:3-5.

When Uzziah became powerful, he was filled with pride.

That began a downward spiral in his life.

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Do You Sulk?

Some people sulk when they don’t get their own way.

Consider the example of Ahab sulking because Naboth refused to sell his vineyard to him, 1Kgs 21:1-4. 

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Will You Pay the Price?

When Elijah approached Elisha about becoming his apprentice, Elisha left his oxen and ran after him.

Not only that, Elisha killed the oxen and used their equipment as fuel for the fire to cook them, 1Kgs 19:19-21.

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