Protect Your Schedule

  1. Never say, “yes” to an invitation on the spot. Most of us want to be agreeable; however, we find it difficult to assess how the request fits in with our other priorities unless we have some time to check. Say, “Though it sounds like a great idea, I’ll need a couple of days to pray about it and see how it fits in with my priorities before I give you an answer.”
  2. If a person pressures you for an answer, make your default answer, “No.”
  3. Every time you say “yes” to one thing, say “no” to one or more other things that require an equal amount of time on your schedule. You can’t keep saying “yes” forever. Review your schedule and priorities regularly and clear out the clutter.
  4. Allow margin in your schedule. Put in short blocks of time between activities to give yourself some breathing room. Use the time to pray, relax, or have a casual conversation.

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