Pray for Them

Leader, how often do you pray? When you pray, do you intercede for those under your care? Always? Does praying for them bring you joy?

Php 1:3-4 I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy. (NKJV)   

4 responses to “Pray for Them

  • misggrace

    Very true.. Its important that as Leaders, the main focus shouldn’t ONLY be on the mission but as well on the people who will help the mission to be accomplished. Secondly, a spiritual leader who is lazy in prayers would have limited success.. it is a wake up call…

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  • Nam Nguyen

    Here’s a question. What constitutes praying? Do you define it as a set period of time in which you dedicate to God?
    Because amongst my friends, if that’s the answer I feel particularly faithless in comparisson.
    I feel that God permutes my thoughts throughout the day. That I feel particular bouts during my days activities and thanks him.
    I do realise this is inconsistent in comparison to say, setting apart half an hour a day but it’s a question that challenges me and I don’t feel comfortable discussing within cell.


    • gracelead

      While there’s nothing wrong with establishing a good habit by setting a time to pray, that shouldn’t be the only time to pray (1The 5:17). Prayer is communicating with God. Try different forms of prayer such as: 1-Pray for someone when God brings him to mind (Php 1:3-5). 2-Pray by singing to God (Psa 149:1-4). 3-Pray by pouring your heart out in a letter to God (Psa 13). 4-Pray Scriptures back to God (Psa 119:76). If you are talking to God throughout the day and reading His Word regularly, you will be communicating with Him as He desires.

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  • SamCicero

    Prayer is how we communicate to God. nice posting and a good challenge to the leaders. It is imperative to realize that we cannot lead without others and leaders should make more leaders and not mere followers. Keep up good work

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