How to Set Strategy

activity-analysis-grid.001A strategy answers how and when you are going to commit resources to achieve an objective. It is your game plan.

Before you begin, stop to count the cost (Luke 14:28-30).

When setting strategy, determine the best place to use the limited resources that you have. The Activity Analysis Strategy Tool can help you do that.

Evaluate each activity for its current performance and its potential to help you achieve what God wants you to do. Based on your assessment, put each activity into one of the four categories:

  1. Stars: current high performance, high long-term potential
  2. Cash Cows: current high performance, low long-term potential
  3. Problem Children: current low performance, high long-term potential
  4. Slugs: current low performance, low long-term potential

Next, take action based on the categories.

  • Polish the Stars to get the most out of them.
  • Milk the Cash Cows to take advantage of current performance. Also, establish a retirement plan for them before they begin to drain resources.
  • Solve issues with the Problem Children activities. Then, find ways to tap into their potential. Help them become stars.
  • Squash the Slug activities. They are not a good use of your resources.

For a download of this tool, see: Activity Analysis Strategy Tool 

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