Give Credit

When Deborah sang her song, she didn’t focus only on her accomplishments. She was careful to give credit to those who deserved it. Who does she credit in the following verses?

Jdg 5:14-15

Jdg 5:18

Jdg 5:24-27

Jdg 5:20-21

  • Do you sometimes fool yourself into thinking that you can accomplish things on your own?
  • Are you careful to give credit to others for the part they play in successes you have?
  • Who have you given credit recently?
  • During the coming week, ask God to show you the top three things He expects from you. Pray that He gives you the strength to do them and the humility to see the role others play.
  • Most importantly of all, do you remember to give Him credit?

For a summary of the book of Judges, look under Book Summaries > Bible Books: Old Testament.

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