Make It a No Slackers Zone

Don’t tolerate slackers (every man shall bear his own burden, Gal 6:5); 

however, each member on a team can use an assist from time to time (bear ye one another’s burdens, Gal 6:2). 

The word for burden in Gal 6:2 is “baros” with is an overloaded ship. When the ship is overloaded, it can sink. When you see someone whose load is on the verge of making them sink, it’s appropriate to provide assistance. 

The word for burden in Gal 6:5 is “phortion” which is a normal load that a ship is designed to carry. This is the type of burden each person can carry alone. If they sit around hoping someone will take care of it for them, they damage the overall effectiveness of a team. They are slackers. 

Make your team a “No Slackers Zone” where every person does their share and lends a hand when another person is truly overloaded. 

You may find this Laws of Teamwork book guide helpful. 

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