What Story Is Your Life Writing?

People won’t remember you for what size of house you lived in, what kind of car you drove, or what style of clothes you wore.

People will remember you for the impact that you made on others while you were here on earth. Legacy comes not from what you HAD but for what you GAVE. Legacy results from the life you led. (2Tim 3:10-17) 

What story is your life writing?

More than one hundred years ago, a Swedish chemist named Alfred Nobel opened up his morning newspaper and got quite a shock. 

He found his name listed in the Obituary column. The columnists had confused him with his brother who had recently passed away.

Alfred was not pleased with how they were “remembering” him so he decided to make some changes to his life. He wanted a better legacy.

  • How do you want people to remember you?
  • What legacy do you want to leave?

May God bless you and keep you.

May you leave a legacy that pleases God and inspires people.

3 responses to “What Story Is Your Life Writing?

  • revruss1220

    Great food for thought here. I hope my life is writing the story of Jesus’ two great commandments… loving God and loving my neighbor.

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  • JanBeek

    Yesterday I wrote about attending a virtual memorial service for a former student who died waaay too young on January 17th. His legacy was so beautifully expressed in letters by so many who remembered his love, his faith, his service. Knowing people like him – and seeing the impact of his life on others – certainly inspires me to think about what I want people to say during my memorial service someday. Every day is a new chance to make it so. Thank you for the reminder. I pray for you, too, {{{Donna}}} “May you leave a legacy that pleases God and inspires people.” God bless you!! ❤

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  • S.o.H

    I would like people to remember me as the person that would always point them towards Jesus no matter what hardship was going on in my life. My main goal here on earth is promote the legacy of Christ Jesus, over being recognized by many for the kind things I say and do.


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