Transformed, not Conformed

Leader, is your focus on conformation or transformation?

  • Conformed = molded and shaped by outside pressures
  • Transformed = changed from the inside to become something different

Romans 12:2 makes it clear that God’s preference is that we be transformed rather than give in to outside pressures to conform. 

Your degree of transformation will depend on the value you place on following God’s will for your life. Acts 17:11 

To encourage the transformation process, as you read a Bible passage ask these questions: 

  • Is this something God wants me to put into practice?
  • Does God want me to claim this promise?
  • Does God want me to adopt this attitude?
  • Is this a prayer God wants me to use as a model (not vain repetition, but a pattern)? 
  • Is God pointing out a behavior He wants me to change? 
  • How is this passage helping me better know, love, and long to follow Jesus? 

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