Is the Lord Close to You?

Do you like the idea of God being close to you? Under what circumstances do you sense His closeness? David spoke about this in Psalm 145:17-21.

  • The LORD is near those who call upon Him.
  • He fulfills the desire of those who fear Him.
  • The LORD preserves those who love Him.

From that, we can ask ourselves:

  • Do I call upon the LORD? Do I ask Him what He wants me to do, listen to His answer, then do what He says?
  • Do I fear Him? Is this a positive fear that motivates me to please Him rather than a negative fear that incapacitates me?
  • Do I love the LORD? Is He my top priority? Does my life revolve around loving Him and sharing His love with others? 

If your answer to those questions is yes and amen, you are highly likely to be blessed with a sense of being close to Him. As a leader, how can you encourage others to also ask themselves those questions? 

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