Your Desire Affects Your Leadership

What do you want?

Why do you want it?

How much effort are you willing to make to achieve it?

Try the following self-assessment.

  1. Y/N: What I want aligns with God’s will.
  2. Y/N: My reasons for wanting it are to do what God asks.
  3. Y/N: I am willing to make the necessary sacrifices to do it including:
    • Treasuring God’s commands, Pro 2:1. 
    • Listening to Him with my mind and heart, Pro 2:2. 
    • Fervently praying for discernment and understanding, Pro 2:3. 
    • Diligently searching His Word for wisdom, Pro 2:4. 

If you can answer Yes to all three questions, your desire is contributing to your effectiveness as a leader, Pro 2:5. 

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