How to Overcome Team Dysfunctions

In The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni gives suggestions to help overcome team dysfunctions. 

  1. Overcome Absence of Trust: Find ways to understand team members (abilities, temperaments, mindsets).
  2. Overcome Fear of Conflict: Work to uncover buried disagreements. Learn how different team members approach conflict.
  3. Overcome Lack of Commitment: Be sure all members are clear on desired outcomes. Be clear on deadlines.
  4. Overcome Avoidance of Accountability: Publish team objectives and standards. Regularly review the progress each member is making on objectives. Also review how well they are adhering to standards. Base rewards on team performance rather than individual performance.
  5. Overcome Inattention to Results: Reward only those behaviors that contribute to team results. Tie Compensation to team results.

For more thoughts about team dysfunctions see:

Five Dysfunctions of a Team-guide, Lencioni

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