Qualifications for Leadership

The qualifications for leadership in 1Timothy 3:1-13 are a great benchmark for leadership in any arena (social sector, nonprofit, business, or educational).

Review the list of qualification in the passage. Here are a few to consider:

  • Blameless: Know and do God’s Word.
  • Vigilant: Keep your family and yourself close to God.
  • Sober: Be sensible and sane.
  • Good behavior: Be orderly and respectable, seeking to please the Lord.
  • Apt ot teach: Be humble, patient, and respectful as you seek to learn.
  • Not Given to Wine: Avoid intoxication from any source. (A drink is fine. Being drunk is not.)
  • No striker: Keep angry impulses at bay. Avoid physical altercation.
  • Not Greedy: Having money is fine. Letting money become your primary focus is not.
  • Patient: Be hard on sin, but gentle on people.
  • Not a Brawler: Avoid verbal abuse.
  • Not Covetous: Be content with what God gives you.

Make notes of where you need to improve.

This will be a great, but humbling, leadership activity!


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