Would They Miss You?

Have you ever had to say goodbye to a group of people you had led?

How did they react?

Read Acts 20:37-38.

Falling on someone’s neck is a Middle Eastern expression of sorrow.

  • What was it about Paul that inspired that reaction?
  • If you had to leave, what about you would people miss?

You may find the Fruit of the Spirit study guide useful.

2 responses to “Would They Miss You?

  • JanBeek

    What an excellent resource! Thank you for linking us to it. I call “meekness” when I am asking God for help with my daily life practices: “gentleness.” And I call “temperance” the same as “self-control.” I like the translation of “temperance.” My mother-in-law’s grandmother was a charter member of the “American Temperance Union” and I still have her certificate and medal for winning the essay contest for them in 1880!!

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