Learn from Failures

Humans experience failures. Some people learn from them. 

God told Abraham to leave his family behind, but Abraham took Lot with him. 

That decision made things difficult for Abraham,

Gen 12:1-5, Gen 13. 

Lesson = Modifying God’s will, even a little bit, is dangerous. 

What can leaders do to be sure they learn from failures? Here are some suggestions. 

  1. Ask yourself if you prayed and listened to God before taking action. If not, promise God you will remember to do that in the future. 
  2. Ask yourself if you fully did what God asked you to do. If you modified His instructions even a little, ask for His forgiveness and for the strength to fully follow Him next time.
  3. Thank Him for using your failures to draw you closer to Him and for reinforcing how much you need Him.

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