Pride = Downfall

The most dangerous time for a leader is when that leader becomes powerful.

Consider Uzziah. 

As long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper, 2Chr 26:3-5.

When Uzziah became powerful, he was filled with pride.

That began a downward spiral in his life.

He even presumed to do something outside the role God had given him, 2Chr 26:15-18.

God hates pride, Pro 6:16-19.

God gave leprosy (picture of sin) to Uzziah to show that He opposed Uzziah’s pride, 2Chr 26:19-20. 

  • As a leader, are you careful to give God credit for any power you have or do you become prideful? 
  • I pray that you listen to God, do as He asks, and attribute any success to Him. 

For a study guide on pride, see lesson: Pride = Downfall.

One response to “Pride = Downfall

  • JanBeek

    That lesson was one of the ones I shared yesterday with my Bible Study friends at our local nursing home and with my 10-year-old friend who joins me every Tuesday afternoon in my sanctuary. We’re on the same wave length, {{{Donna}}}. Have a Wonderful Wednesday!❤️🙏🏽

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